Christmas Box Office Rundown/End of Year Weekend Predictions!! Underperformances Across the Board, Though Bumblebee Makes a Surprisingly Strong Showing!! Aquaman takes Christmas Overall!!

Weekend Box Office Top 10 (Dec 21-Dec 23-Christmas Day): (Title / Weekend Gross / Percent Change from Last Week / Weekend # / Distributor), Estimates Aquaman / $67,400,000 / (N/A) / Weekend 1 / Warner Bros. 5-Day Total: $101,000,000 ($105,715,000 with Amazon Previews) Mary Poppins Returns / $23,523,121 / (N/A) / Weekend 1 / Disney […]

Weekend Prediction (Dec 21-Dec 23-Christmas Day) Batten Down the Hatches, This is Gonna be a Long Weekend…Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Fair warning, these predictions are highly likely to be waaaaaayyyyy off. Why? Because we are entering Christmas weekend (“Gird your loins!” he said, inserting cheap Devil Wears Prada reference for comedic effect) and this is not only one of the most packed movie weekends of the year, but also (shocking) one of the slowest moviegoing […]

Weekend Predictions (Dec 7-Dec 9) Last Weekend Before the Holiday Onslaught!! New Golden Globe Nominees Hope to Boost Their Box Office While Stragglers Look to Fall Off Soon!!

Only one more week of drought! Yes, this is the final week of December in which we have no major releases coming out this weekend, once again making it the perfect time to either catch up on whatever you haven’t seen or potentially support the films you want to see do well. Outside of the […]