Second Act Review: “A sweet movie with an obvious message, but one that everyone needs to hear”

STX Entertainment has a bit of a bad reputation. Apart from┬áThe Gift, almost none of their films have an overall positive reception from critics and audiences. Part of this might be growing pains, after all, the newbie distributor is only four years old and is still finding its footing in this changing industry landscape. Part […]

Weekend Prediction (Dec 21-Dec 23-Christmas Day) Batten Down the Hatches, This is Gonna be a Long Weekend…Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Fair warning, these predictions are highly likely to be waaaaaayyyyy off. Why? Because we are entering Christmas weekend (“Gird your loins!” he said, inserting cheap Devil Wears Prada reference for comedic effect) and this is not only one of the most packed movie weekends of the year, but also (shocking) one of the slowest moviegoing […]