Second Act Review: “A sweet movie with an obvious message, but one that everyone needs to hear”

STX Entertainment has a bit of a bad reputation. Apart from The Gift, almost none of their films have an overall positive reception from critics and audiences. Part of this might be growing pains, after all, the newbie distributor is only four years old and is still finding its footing in this changing industry landscape. Part […]

Venom Review: “An Absurdly Fun Comic Book Movie that’s Deserving of WAAAAYYYY More Credit than it’s Being Given”

When a movie gets bad reviews, there is usually a reason why. You may not agree with that reason, and that is completely legitimate, but it is usually impossible to deny that you can understand the reason why critics/audiences don’t like the movie. One of my favorite movies of all time is 2008’s Speed Racer, […]

The House with a Clock in its Walls Review: “A dark, but fun and family-friendly romp that could be ‘Halloweentown’ for a new generation”

There has been a surprising amount of interest in this film since it was put into pre-production last yea. This is due to two reasons in particular. First, this adaptation of a famed children’s classic is directed by Eli Roth, the gore master and torture porn enthusiast behind films like Cabin Fever, the Hostel movies, […]