BOX OFFICE RUNDOWN (Aug 24-Aug 26) Is ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ This Year’s ‘The Greatest Showman’?? This Weekend’s Box Office Numbers Make it Seem So!!!/STX Continues to Not Recognize Their Potential…

Weekend Box Office Top 10 (Aug 17-Aug 19): (Title / Weekend Gross / Percent Change from Last Week / Weekend # / Distributor), Sunday Estimates Crazy Rich Asians / $25,010,000 / -5.7% / Weekend 2 / Warner Bros. The Meg / $13,030,000 / -38.4% / Weekend 3 / Warner Bros. The Happytime Murders / $10,020,000 […]

Weekend Predictions (Aug 24-Aug 26) Crazy Rich Asians Looks to Take the Number One Spot Again While Asian Representation Looks to Continue Into the Specialty Market with Searching!!!

The end of summer is a bit of an odd time. While most people consider summer to be over when the kids go back to school, school starts at different times all around the country. As a result, in the twilight of the season, studios seem to toss out odd-ball fare in the hopes that […]