Weekend Predictions (Nov 2-Nov 4) Bohemian Rhapsody Takes the Stage Hoping to Win the Weekend!! The Nut Cracker and the Four Realms looks to usher in the Christmas Spirit!!

And just like that, the reign of Halloween comes to an end with the new regime of Christmas rolling in to take its place. Yes, when it comes to filmmaking and movie release schedules Thanksgiving is rarely represented outside of reruns of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on TBS (though it is worth noting that the Oscar-winning Hannah and Her […]

Box Office Rundown (Oct 26-Oct 28) Halloween Tops the Weekend Once Again!! Hunter Killer Sinks!! Mid90’s Skates into the Top Ten!! Suspiria Dominates the Specialty Market!!

Weekend Box Office Top 10 (Oct 26-Oct 28): (Title / Weekend Gross / Percent Change from Last Week / Weekend # / Distributor), Sunday Estimates Halloween / $32,045,000 / -58% / Weekend 2 / Universal A Star is Born / $14,145,000 / -25.8% / Weekend 4 / Warner Bros. Venom / $10,800,000 / -40.1% / Weekend […]

Weekend Predictions (Oct 26-Oct 28) Halloween Continues to Slash Up the Boc Office!! Holdovers Mostly Look Steady!! Suspiria Looks to Make Waves in Limited Release!!

As we head into the final weekend of the Halloween season, it seems obvious the Halloween will once again take the top spot this weekend; the only question is, by just how much? Outside of Halloween, however, there is little to talk about. Interestingly, almost all the upcoming films this weekend look to be debuting outside of […]

Box Office Rundown (Oct 19-21) Halloween Tops the Box Office with Record-Breaking Results!! The Hate U Give Surges in Wide Release!! Mid90’s Surprises and Triumphs Over Can You Ever Forgive Me?!!

Weekend Box Office Top 10 (Oct 19-Oct 21): (Title / Weekend Gross / Percent Change from Last Week / Weekend # / Distributor), Sunday Estimates Halloween / $76,221,545 / (N/A) / Weekend 1 / Universal A Star is Born / $19,051,082 / -33% / Weekend 3 / Warner Bros. Venom / $18,043,887 / -48.5% / […]

Weekend Predictions (Oct 12-Oct 14) Venom and A Star is Born Looking to Duke it Out for First Place!! First Man and Goosebumps Likely to Take Their Place!! Awards Season Heats Up as Beautiful Boy Arrives on the Scene and Colette Makes a Play for the Top Ten!!

Intriguingly enough, the new releases this weekend are taking a bit of a backseat to the holdovers from last weekend, specifically, Venom and A Star is Born. These two were last weekend’s heavyweights and this weekend seems to be their chance to prove that the buzz surrounding the two films was not just empty noise. Of the two, Venom has […]

Box Office Rundown (Oct 5-Oct 7)!! Venom and A Star is Born start October off with a BANG!!! The Hate U Give struggles while Award’s Season Begins in Full Swing!!

Weekend Box Office Top 10 (Oct 5-Oct 7): (Title / Weekend Gross / Percent Change from Last Week / Weekend # / Distributor), Weekend Actuals Venom / $80,255,756 / (N/A) / Weekend 1 / Sony (Columbia) A Star is Born / $23,020,000 / (N/A) / Weekend 1 / Warner Bros. Smallfoot / $14,402,559 / -37.5% […]

Venom Review: “An Absurdly Fun Comic Book Movie that’s Deserving of WAAAAYYYY More Credit than it’s Being Given”

When a movie gets bad reviews, there is usually a reason why. You may not agree with that reason, and that is completely legitimate, but it is usually impossible to deny that you can understand the reason why critics/audiences don’t like the movie. One of my favorite movies of all time is 2008’s Speed Racer, […]

Weekend Predictions (Oct 5-Oct7) Venom Looks to Infect the World!! A Star is Born Has Come to Dazzle!! The Hate U Give Looks to Make a Lasting Impression!!

Thursday Night Preview Update:  As predicted, Venom is exploding out of the gate with $10 million in Thursday night preview grosses. This a recorded breaking achievement, being the largest October preview gross of all time, besting Paranormal Activity 3 which gross $8 million on its Thursday night. I knew the sheer strength of fan anticipation would translate to a […]