Weekend Predictions (Oct 5-Oct7) Venom Looks to Infect the World!! A Star is Born Has Come to Dazzle!! The Hate U Give Looks to Make a Lasting Impression!!

The Price of Admission

Thursday Night Preview Update: 

As predicted, Venom is exploding out of the gate with $10 million in Thursday night preview grosses. This a recorded breaking achievement, being the largest October preview gross of all time, besting Paranormal Activity 3 which gross $8 million on its Thursday night. I knew the sheer strength of fan anticipation would translate to a very large Thursday night gross, and I hold fast to the assumption that this Friday will also see another large gross. It is the rest of the weekend that is giving me pause. We’ll have to wait for the Cinemascore to get a better idea of the word of mouth. This preview gross is actually on par with Spider-Man 3 (once again with that Sam Raimi comparison) and Doctor Strange, which each went on to have opening weekend grosses of $151 million and $89 million, respectively. Venom is not likely to get…

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